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Forum Rules by Friends Forever Club

Welcome to the community of Friends Forever Club! This community was created on 20th May, 2019 by . To ensure that everyone here has an enjoyable experience we request you to follow the forum rules below.

1- Respect other users.

Flaming or abusing fellow forum members is not allowed. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated on the forums. 

2- No NSFW.

This is a 'Safe For Work' forum. Anything that would be unacceptable in a normal work/school environment which includes pornography, violent content, swearing, etc; is not allowed on the forums.

3- Alternate Accounts.

You can make as many alternate accounts you want, however, these alternate accounts must be registered under one E-mail address. Using multiple E-mail addresses on the forum is not allowed. You are not allowed to participate in events or contests with multiple accounts. Use only one account to participate in events or contests.

4- Advertising.

You may advertise here (Click Me!). You may affiliate with us here (Click Me!). You may post a link to your site in your profile or signature. Spamming links to your site on the forum is not allowed. Do not Private Message your site link to other users. This is annoying and highly frowned upon.

5- Personal Information.

Do not force other users to give personal information. Taking personal information and using it for malicious purposes is a serious offence.

6- Illegal content.

Any posts containing illegal content will be removed.

7- Avatar and Signature.

The maximum avatar size is 150 (w) X 300 (h). 150 X 300 avatars will only work if they are 'linked' (Click here to know how to link avatars). The maximum signature size is 500 (w) X 250 (h). Please follow these size limits. If a signature is too big, the staff will ask you to either resize or remove the signature.

8- Punishments.

Breaking these rules will lead to a warning. Getting enough warning points will lead to a ban. We value our members so a warning or a ban is generally a last resort measure.

Best Regards from the Staff of Friends Forever Club .


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Rohan Administrator

Staff Positions Explained

Here you will know the positions of the staff. by Rohan

Administrators have major admin powers. They manage the backend of the forum and supervise the moderators. 

Moderators have minor mod powers. They manage the frontend of the forum.

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Come chat with us!

Chat Cafe by Rohan

Welcome to the Chat Cafe where you can enjoy chatting with other users! 

Username Colours!

Get an username colour! by Rohan

If you want a username colour you can get it yourself by going to Profile < Groups and then join the colour group that you want.


You may also join all the colour groups. Then go to Profile < Edit Profile < Settings < Display Group.

Choose the colour that you want there and then click on Save to get it. You can always switch between the different colours through that option. You can only get the colours of the groups you are a member of.

If you have any problems post here.

How to get a 150 X 300 avatar

150 X 300 avatars by Rohan
You can now use 150 X 300 avatars. These avatars will only work if you use the 'linked' option. If you have any problems applying these big avatars, post here.

An important thing to note : If you want the bigger avatar, You must link your avatars from an image hosting site/ Use The Link Option as shown here :-



Enjoy! :)

Best Poster Winners

Best Poster by Rohan

Best Poster is an event where the user with the highest post count on the forum Or the user who makes quality posts on the forums gets honoured with a mention here. The winner will get a prize which lasts for 7 days till the next winner is announced. 

1st Best Poster:
2nd Best Poster:
3rd Best Poster:
4th Best Poster: